Carter Environmental Engineers

Carter Environmental Engineers’ air services division offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to all of today’s fume and dust problems. They provide a unique range of services and products to meet constantly changing environmental, health and safety concerns, as well as developments in industrial and waste processes. Their experience and knowledge combine to offer a complete design, application, manufacture and installation service, from a small stand-alone extraction unit and hood to large bespoke extraction plant.

Their range of products and services allow them to work with customers either directly or as the supplier of the basic dust/fume collector. Many of the major industrial and waste companies have relied on their services, as have many leading contracting companies. They have also supplied product to many of the dust and fume equipment resellers. Applications range from the small Dustand extractor -- used as a bench-top unit for a wide range of equipment -- to the Cyclovent wet scrubber supplied to power stations.

Today’s regulations require that any fume or dust generating process be fitted with appropriate extraction and filtration equipment, all types of which are catered for by Carter Environmental Engineers’ expertise. Carter Environmental Engineers’ extensive range of products is unique, and allows the company to deal with virtually any application and fume/dust problem. 

Their major products are highlighted below:

  • Wet Collectors
  • Dry Collectors
  • Mist, Gas & Fume Collectors
  • Booths & Benches

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