Scantool Group

Lister Machine Tools Ltd represents The Scantool Group.  The Scantool Group consists of five private companies: Scantool A/S, Arboga A/S, KEF-Motor A/S, HM Machinery A/S and Scantool Group APS.  All companies are situated in Denmark and are owned by the Nielsen family.  Our focus of attention concentrates on specific products from the brand names Scantool A/S and Arboga A/S.

Scantool A/S Product Range

• Folding Machines (Straight and Box & Pan)

Manual 600 x 1.25 mm to 3000 x 1 mm
Motorized 1020 x 2.25 mm to 3000 x 1 mm  

• Sheet Shears

Manual 650 x 1.25mm to 1330 x 1.25 mm
Pneumatic 1030 x 1 mm to 1330 x 2 mm
Mechanical 1250 x 3 mm to 3050 x 2.5 mm

• Workshop Presses (Manual and Powered)

15 Ton to 160 Ton

Arboga A/S Product Range

• Pedestal & Bench Double Ended Grinding and Polishing Machines
• Belt Linishing Machines
• Pipe Notching Machines
• Centreless Tube Grinding Machine
• Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machines

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