Roundo AB

Lister Machine Tools Ltd represents Roundo AB, the world leading manufacturer in plate and section rolling machines.  The company was formed in 1964 and has since delivered almost 16,000 machines to satisfied customers around the world.  The company is still in the hands of its original owners.

Roundo 3-Rolls Plate Bending Machines (PSS, PSE, PE)

ROUNDO 3-roll models are ideal for customers needing an all-purpose machine for shorter runs.  The standard range of 3-roll plate bending machines covers plate thicknesses from 3 mm to 100 mm and widths from 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm.

Roundo 4-Rolls Plate Bending Machines (PS, PASS)

ROUNDO 4-roll models with or without CNC controls are perfect for larger production runs. The standard range of 4-roll plate bending machines covers.Diameter of rolls 340 –1000 mm Length of rolls 1000 – 8000 mm Plate thicknesses from 5mm up to 100mm

All ROUNDO Plate rolling machines offer:

  • Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control on all rolls.
  • Hydraulic infinitely variable adjustment of the two lower rolls.
  • Ensured parallelism of rolls even with maximum load.
  • Spherical roller bearings of highest quality for longer service life.
  • Hydraulically operated drop end.

ROUNDO Section Bending machines

R1 to R6
Basic section bending machine for all types of section bending.

R-2-S to R-72-S
Section bending machine with enhanced versatility due to unique design of guide rolls

R-8-S to R-21-S
Heavy duty machines designed for all types of section bending.  Machines are optimized for bending of I, U and H beams the hard way.

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