Petersen Machinery Group

Lister Machine Tools Ltd. represents Petersen Machinery, one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines for bending and cutting of sheet metal. Founded in 1907, Petersen Machinery consists of production facilities in Sweden, Sales and Service office in Denmark and a Sales office and Warehouse in the USA. Manufacturing under two brand names: Cidan and Göteneds The two brand cover the following product groups:

  • CNC Power Folding Machines
  • Manual Folding Machines
  • Motorized Shears
  • Cut to Lengths Lines

CNC Folding Machines

The Cidan Folding Machines offers a full line of Power Folding Machines for a wide range of professional uses. These heavy duty machines feature sturdy, all-welded steel construction, and boast a wide range of features and NC / CNC control options.

Cap. from 2000 mm x 3 mm / 2600 x 8 mm to 4000 mm x 5 mm

Manual Folding Machines


1050 x 1.2 mm
1050 x 2 mm
1550 x 1.5 mm

2050 x 2 mm
3050 x 1.5 mm

Motorized Shear

MSM-F 1350 x 3.5 – 3050 x 2.5 mm
MS-R 1350 x 4.5 – 4050 x 2 mm

All Cidan power shears can be supplied with the programmable measuring system with which the sheet can be used optimally and with which the productivity when cutting different combinations of lengths and numbers of pieces is considerably increased.


Cut to Length Lines are built in a module system. The module system makes it possible to supply a cutting line built exactly for your requirements and exactly for the specific job. The cutting lines can be supplied with or without slitting module.

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