Lister Machine Tools Ltd represents PEDRAZZOLI who manufacture machine tools for the cutting, end-forming, deformation and bending of tubes and metal profiles.

The main focus of our representation of Pedrazzoli’s products is Circular Cutting Machines, consisting of Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic and Complete Cutting Lines for cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous material.

Pedrazzoli's Circular saws are characterised by extreme sturdiness and long work-life; their structure is entirely made of cast iron with high precision machining.  Cutting heads are perfectly balanced to give a pleasant and effortless cutting action.  They are supplied in one-speed, two-speed or with steplessly variable speed drive unit.

Integral cutting table with rotating disk provides excellent support for material even the case of very short lengths while reducer's screw has a double support on ball bearings and an elastic joint which ensure a perfect vibration-free cut and consequent long blade life.

The automatic cutting lines are complete with loader, feeling unit, cutting unit and discharge selector.  Pedrazzoli can supply version for tube, full bar and profile cutting, for ferrous materials, light alloys and structural steelwork.

Type of loader can be chosen between chute loaders, toothed loader for full bars, bunker loaders with belt loading for tubes and chain loading for heavy profiles.

For more information, please visit - Pedrazzoli