Macri Italia

Lister Machine Tools Ltd represents Macri Italia Srl, manufacturers of electric tube bending machines.

Macri was established 11 years ago and its founder had already a long experience in electric bending machines.  Nowadays thanks to its advanced, versatile and easy technology and specialization in manufacturing of tube bending machines, Macri sells all over the world and exports 70% of its production.  The goal pursued by Macri is energy saving as well as a reduced impact on the environment.  The goal has already been achieved through a unique system that grants an energy saving applied to bending machines based on 3 fundamental principles: Energy recycle
Energy saving
Environment respect

The company produces to orders and the direct relationship with the customer is essential to understand customer requirements and customize the production of the specific bending machine to the customer’s real needs.  All Macri bending machines have an exclusive software that is the point that makes the difference with the competitors.  Macri is the only company to offer pipe bending machines provided with auto-learning software.  Macri has reached the leaders in bending machines field, but Macri has not extended the production to any complementary sectors but rather has focused on tube benders production, obtaining a maximum level of specialization.


  • Machine Series 35 [Profast | Provar3-5-6] Cap 35 x 4 mm
  • Machine Series 45 [Profast| Provar3-5-6] Cap 45 x 4 mm
  • Machine Series 65 [Profast | Provar3-5-6] Cap 65 x 4 mm
  • Machine Series 90 [Profast | Provar3-5-6] Cap 90 x 4 mm
  • Control Cabinet

SoftwareGraphic - management of all machine functions

  • Creates and manages programs with code/name and graphic image
  • Fast set up of toolings with automatic calculation of spingback and stretch of tubes
  • Easy learning and programming of software to create program
  • Graphic program in machine, cartesian and cad data
  • Anticollision test with inspection of piece feasibility and automatic correction.
  • Programming of speed for each axis, each bend and booster
  • Execution of working cycle of different programs in sequence.

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