ACF-Engineering & Automation GmbH

Flexible Cornerformers for multi-purpose panel and door fabrication are up to 10 times faster than welding and there is no panel size limitation.

MF 25, MF 50 and MF 100 model machines

Ideal for a wide range of applications including - doors for electrical cabinets (enclosures), cladding, panels, box covers, trays, container covers, lids, cooking trays, ceilings, oven doors, suitcase covers, furniture and bottom pans for dehumidifiers plus other applications

Universal tooling allows individual and quick forming of closed corners in panel/door fabrication.

Benefits and cost savings

  • Excellent and consistent quality
  • simplified panel/door production process
  • Only 1 operator required
  • elimination of abrasives and welding consumables
  • machine space requirement approx. 1m2
  • Low noise level
  • When using mild steel with zinc coating - no manual zinc coating in the corner area is necessary
  • When using mild steel for enamel coating - the cold formed corner is constant and resistant against high temperature
  • When using stainless steel - no change of colour on the material surface and no pickling necessary

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