Profile Projectors

Baty Profile  Projectors

In some markets the machines are referred to as Optical Comparitors or Shadowgraph’s

As agents for Baty International in Ireland we can offer a complete range of Profile Projectors with either Horizontal or Vertical Lens configuration.   The Baty R14 machine as illustrated is one of the world’s best known Projectors.

Like other Machines in the range, the R14 is available with various measuring systems. Customers can choose from Machines with :-

  • - Standard Digital Readout
  • - Geometric Function Readout
  • - Geometric Function Readout with external Edge Detection
  • - Geometric Functions and internal Edge Detection

  • Baty Machines use Quadrachek Measuring Systems  but are also available with other PC based systems running measuring software.   CNC machines are available for volume inspection of both machined and pressed components.

The popular Baty R400 machine with twin mirrors and  corrected image. 
A large capacity workstage is fitted as standard.

The Baty SM 350 machine is particularly suited to the measuring of flat sheet
metal or plastic parts having a vertical lens axis.

Big Sister to the SM 350 model is the SM 20 Vertical Projector.
This machine is often used with Overlay Charts or fitted with a 5X Magnification Lens.

The flagship Machine in the Baty range – The R 600 fitted with a 600mm Diameter
Screen and 4 Lens Turrett for quick and easy magnification change.  Motorised rise
and fall to the table is a standard feature.

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