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Mark 10

We offer the complete range of Portable and small Bench Mounted Force Measuring Instruments from Mark-10 Company in Long Island, New York. The range includes various models of hand held Force Gauge from the most basic to Gauges with a host of useful features which can prove beneficial when production testing of Components.

A range of both Manual and Motorised Test Stands is available for both Force and Torque measuring applications.

The new Series 5 Force Gauge is shown in the Photograph

A range of Portable Torque Gauges is available. These Gauges can be configured with various Chucking devices and the BGI Gauge can interface to both a Torque sensor and/or Force sensor as shown opposite.

The CT Bench Mounted Torque Gauge is ideal for measuring torque on Bottle Caps etc. Ideal for both the Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Testometric Company

We offer the Testometric range of Machines where the requirement is for Force Measuring generally in a range exceeding 5000 Newtons ( 1000 lbs force ) Machines are available with various Load Cell capacities to match both the application and the particular machine. Tension and Compression Measurements are possible as a standard feature.

Automatic computer control of test methods providing for ease of operation. Integral PC System running Software for analysis of all Test Results which can be customised to meet Customer requirements.

The popular Testometric Micro 350 AT is illustrated

A comprehensive range of Grips and Accessories is available for diverse applications

The Micro 250 Bench Top Machine with 2.5 kN
Testing Capacity with integral PC

The Testometric FS 300 High Capacity Universal Testing Machine with capacity up to 300 kN

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