Workholding Equipment

We offer a considerable range of Workholding Equipment depending on the particular application. Solutions can range from Assorted Clamping Elements to quite complex Modular Systems which are configured to suit specific Components and various types of Machine Tool.

Some examples of Workholding devices follow:-

  • Clamping Elements
  • Machine Vices
  • Tee-Slot Clamps
  • Quick–Action Clamps
  • Hydraulic Clamps
  • Lathe Chucks
  • Collet Chucks
  • Magnetic Chucks
  • Vacuum Clamping
  • Freeze Clamping
  • Tombstones
  • Grid Plates
  • Tee-Slot Tables

Due to the considerable range of products available in this area , please call us for suggestions and recommendations.

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