Safety Guards

Silvaflame - Cleervue

Silvaflame Company manufactures an extensive range of Machine Tool Safety Guards for all types of Machine Tools. The most popular range supplied are those for use on Drilling Machines, Lathes and Milling Machines. Various solutions are available and it is really a question of Operator Preference as to which solution suits best.

On Drilling Machines the Guard is usually either fitted to the quill or to the side of the head adjacent to the machine spindle. Guards can be provided with or without Electrical Interlock.

Lathe Chuck Guards are generally like the Model L12 illustrated and can be fitted with Interlocks as required. Headstock mounted Sliding Guards are also available for larger Lathes.

Leadscrew and Feedshaft Guards come in the form of a Roller Blind which is easy to retrofit unlike some of the Telescopic Coil type guards often supplied as original equipment.

Milling Machine Guards come in the form of Spindle Guards or more commonly, Enclosure Table Guards which give better overall protection to the Operator.

The Spindle Guards are somewhat similar to those used on Drilling Machines whereas the Table Guards enclose the complete working area and come as standard with Electrical Interlocks fitted to each door assembly.

The Guard illustrated is the popular model EM3 / T which is specifically designed for use on Turrett Milling Machines. A sliding window is included to provide access to the Quill Lever for manual drilling operations.

An alternative to the conventional Spindle Guard or Enclosure Table Guard is the solution illustrated opposite. Again, the Guard is provided with Electrical Interlocks fitted to the hinge and swivel joints.

For detailed information on the Silvaflame Cleervue range of Machine Tool Guards please visit: Silvaflame