Trumpf - Laser

Founded in 1923 and represented in Ireland and Northern Ireland by Lister Machine Tools Ltd since 1968, Trumpf are one of the world leading companies focusing on high technology production and medical technology. Trumpf offer customers both innovative and high-quality products, as well as solutions to their problems - in sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes, electronic applications and in hospital equipment. In fiscal year 2014/2015, the company with just under 11,000 employees achieved sales of 2.8 billion Euros.  Trumpf’s expertise in these fields provides the competitive edge which customers require.

Trumpf’s product lines include:

Here we focus on Trumpf’s Laser Processing Solutions:

Trumpf 2D Laser Processing

From the entry level TruLaser 1030 using the latest fibre laser technology to the high productivity TruLaser 8000 series, with laser power ranging up to 8000W and cutting sheets up to 50mm thick, Trumpf offer a laser solution for every application.

Trumpf Laser Welding

For Laser welding applications, the TruLaser Robot is a highly integrated turnkey system from TRUMPF. It can be integrated into a laser network very well, thus minimizing the financial investment and at the same time increasing the utilization rate of the beam source. Its modular construction enables individually customized configuration and as such is superbly tailored to the needs of the customer.

Trumpf 3D Laser Processing

3D laser processing, including both cutting and welding solutions are also provided, ranging from large 4m x 2m systems, typically for automotive applications to much smaller systems used in a range of fields including for medical device applications.

Trumpf Tube Laser Solutions

Tube laser cutting solutions are offered by Trumpf, either as dedicated tube cutting machines enabling processing of tubes and profiles up to a diameter of 200 mm (optionally 250 mm), wall thicknesses of up to 8 mm in mild steel and high productivity due to fully automatic machine settings; or as combination flatbed laser cutting machines with a tube and pipe cutting option.

Trumpf Laser Marking Solutions

Day by day, TRUMPF lasers are marking countless ICs, pacemakers, apples, bathroom fittings, cell phones, solar cells, watches, perfume bottles and sunglasses in thousands of install bases on all continents.

Not to forget all the components for automobile and aircraft manufacture that need to be uniquely marked for traceability. TruMark lasers produce functional, technical marking here and delicate creative patterns on the most noble of surfaces there.

Trumpf Solid State Lasers:

TRUMPF solid-state lasers range in power from 20 W to 16 KW, enabling a wide variety of applications including welding, cutting, drilling and micro-processing. They operate as continuous-wave or in pulse mode, with pulse durations of as little as a few picoseconds.

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