Trumpf - Punching

Founded in 1923 and represented in Ireland and Northern Ireland by Lister Machine Tools Ltd since 1968, Trumpf are one of the world leading companies focusing on high tech production and medical technology. Trumpf offer customers both innovative and high-quality products, as well as solutions to their problems - in sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes, electronic applications and in hospital equipment. In fiscal year 2014/2015, the company with just under 11,000 employees achieved sales of 2.8 billion Euros.  Trumpf’s expertise in these fields provides the competitive edge which customers require.

Trumpf’s product lines include:

Here we focus on Trumpf’s Punching and sheet metal fabrication solutions:

TRUMPF punching technology permits complex, three-dimensional sheet processing, with the goal of complete processing on one machine. All TRUMPF tools are fully rotatable. For upgrading all the way to a completely automated plant, there are various components available for our punching machines.  

    TruPunch 1000

    The TruPunch 1000 makes your work as easy as possible and has all of the capabilities you expect from a TRUMPF punching machine.

    • Technical versatility
    • Very user-friendly
    • Very good price/performance ratio
    • Many options to choose from

    TruPunch 2000

    The compact TruPunch 2000 paves the way for the automated punching world of TRUMPF. Being highly productive and flexible, the machine manufactures a wide range of parts – and that at a very attractive price.

    • Highest productivity in its class
    • Compact automation
    • Optimum part quality
    • Full machining flexibility
    • High resource efficiency

    TruPunch 3000

    With the TruPunch 3000 you are ideally prepared for the growing demands of complexity, quality and cycle times that demanding competition requires.

    • Productive machine for lasting, reliable order completion
    • Flexible production
    • Excellent automation capability

    TruPunch 5000

    The TruPunch 5000 is distinguished by its excellent productivity and expanded automation solutions.

    • The TruPunch 5000 is the most productive punching machine in the world
    • Uncompromising automation in all areas.
    • Scratch-free punching and forming capability


    Punching Tools

    High-quality punching tools with long service lives are produced by TRUMPF. In addition to tools, we can provide you with the right accessories for perfect set up and maintenance.

    • Customer-specific consulting and fabrication
    • Largest assortment on the market
    • Easy ordering process
    • Fast delivery
    • Tuned to your software and machine


    Automated machines produce reliably around the clock, paying for themselves that much sooner. As an experienced full-range supplier, TRUMPF is a one-stop shop for turnkey automation solutions, including programming and process control technology. A complete range of solutions are offered ranging from basic loading and unloading right through to extended cart systems, storage systems, additional tool carousels, sorting of finished parts and disposal of scrap skeletons.

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