Lister Machine Tools Limited represents Peddinghaus Corporation. Established in 1903, Peddinghaus Corporation is the acknowledged global leader providing innovative machine tool technology for structural steel and plate fabrication.

Our area on concentration on Peddinghaus products focuses on the following.


Processing angle iron, flat stock, and channel in a one pass process, makes the anglemaster series from Peddinghaus the answer for progressive fabricators. The technologies of punching, shearing and marking incorporated into one space saving design yields high levels of productivity and accuracy for your toughest applications.

Drill Lines

Regardless of your shop size or production requirements, Peddinghaus has the correct drill line for your application. With seamless integration of today’s BIM and detailing software, Peddinghaus remains the world leader in beam drilling technology.

Plate Processing

Peddinghaus revolutionized plate fabricating with the development of “Continuous Plate Processing” which incorporates the technologies of high speed drilling, punching, thermal cutting – via precision plasma or oxy-fuel-marking, countersinking, tapping, etc. into one labour saving process. With Peddinghaus it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Load stock plate
  • Process all holes, part marking, contour cutting
  • Unload finished parts

Structural Burning

The Peddinghaus Coper line provides a multi-torch answer to the task of precision cutting of structural profiles. The full scope of structural burning – including typical shapes such as copes, blocks, interior cuts, haunches, ect – now become a simple task with CNC automation. The multiple torch system addresses all shape surfaces simultaneously, while employing probe technology to detect any mill irregularity in each profile.

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