Losma has been designing and building filtration systems for machine tools since 1974 and is certified to ISO 9001.

It is the only company to offer a truly comprehensive service to resolve all contamination problems in the industrial workplace and it is the only one with consolidated know-how of both oil mist collection and liquid coolant filtration.Air Filtration: The

Losma Air Filtration range is one of the most complete on the market today. It is made up of three product lines - the ASPIROFILTER series, the DARWIN series and SIRIUS.

Air Filtration - Modular Filters: All models in the DARWIN and ASPIROFILTER series can be coupled to special units that provide real and proper superfiltration.

Their use permits many permutations and gives performance levels of up to 99.7% efficiency. These special units can be added at any time, even after the installation of the air filter.

Liquid Filtration - The filtration of liquid coolant/lubricants presents many different kinds of problems. Consequently, the Losma Liquid Filtration range is made up of various types of filter to cope with all eventualities. Losma's expertise in this area shows in all its products, from the simplest of cloth filters to more complex integrated systems with two or three filtration stages.

This know-how also means that tailor-made solutions and one-off designs can be proposed for special customer requirements.The liquid Filtration range comprises four product lines - the DETEX, DEMAG, DECOM and RIVER series, which can all be equipped with refrigeration systems to order.

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